Often referred to as pioneers of techno, SCAN 7 holds deep history in Detroit.

They first made their mark in the 80's as a mysterious collective of 7 artists, who performed only with masks on. By covering their faces, they wanted to make a statement about their music centered ideals and commitment to creating a raw and real sound.

Ranging from original techno to experimental and gospel jams, their wide repertoire of music exhibits their extensive capabilities. While their sound spans across genres, their greatest inspiration has always been the city of Detroit. Throughout their long history, the culture of the city has always pushed and motivated them to achieve more.

In this vein, the “SCAN” in their title signifies that one should verify and look closely, with the number 7 being symbolic for the 7 letters in Detroit as well as the sum of the area code 313.

Since their early days, the group has evolved. Founding members included TrackMasta Lou, Vernell Shelton, and Maurice E. King. Following members included Dj Red Line, Blak Tony, Nuff, Dj Deep, Agent Kedi, Tatem, and Ghost. While the group has included many members since their humble beginnings, it has continued to foster exceptional talent.

Today, their youngest member Mr. Hooper’s incredible touch on keyboard brings a unique, fresh sound full of life and soul. Having written his first composition at the age of 6 utilizing 4 fingered chords, Hooper’s skills are deeply crafted and will be a driving force for the future of SCAN 7.

Founding member TrackMasta Lou looks forward to 2018, as the group has some exciting new releases and will be touring Europe. He aims to reach people from all different backgrounds with their story and hopes to leave them with an uplifting message in their hearts.