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"Perfect blend of techno and soul"                                                                          -  Greg Gow 





      Orlando Voorn's latest release I KNOW from Elypsia Records is a quintet of Detroit inspired remixes from the housemaster & pioneer producer from Amsterdam. Inspired by Kevin Saunderson, his original TECHNO MIX (7:06) is a hardcore and high energy track with intensity to match the wildest of crowds. The EP also contains 3 remixes of the track, each exposing and accentuating the brilliant aspects of his complex tune. It begins with the LUCIEN FOORT REMIX (6:41), a lively big room hit with a punch fit for an epic Saturday night. UK MIX (6:46) follows with subtle electric melodies and rhythmic drum and bass patterns that give listeners the feel of wonder and excitement under a clear starry sky. With a clean and gravitating groove BIT FLOAT REMIX (7:42) would fit perfectly in any Ibiza party with flair and style. This release is a masterpiece of its own and nothing less than the product of a man who was born with beats and melodies ingrained in his soul.


     Currently as an international DJ living in Berlin, Alan Oldham's latest creation is the ACIDSPACE EP, released by Elypsia Records under the DetroitRocketScience name. The traveler himself takes us on an intergalactic adventure, beginning with ACIDSPACE (8:48). With a steady beat and a unique blend of serene space sounds, this jam excites the imagination for the journey to come. It is followed by ROCKET TO BERLIN (7:20), a subtle and intricate mix that entices one to enter the unknown. VESTA SYSTEM (6:22) finishes the EP off on a note that leaves listeners grooving and enjoying the ride. Creativity and sweet sounds are what it’s all about for Alan Oldham. With his recent musical shift to mellower, sci-fi inspired jams, he continues to let listeners see for themselves.


      Mark Flash's new release on Elypsia Records titled CORKTOWN EP is full of dynamic beats and melodies that will awaken your senses and move you to the core. The EP begins with CORKTOWN GROOVE (5:44), a smooth and lively vibe to accompany you on a drive under city lights on a Friday night. Bumping up the energy, ELMWOOD PARK (7:34) hits the crowd with colorful synths and fresh moves. As the definition of high energy, KAIRAD’s (7:10) powerful base and dynamic sound is the apex of the night. To finish off the EP, the classic feel of DEQUINDRE CUT (6:25) will leave you feeling good till the next day. This EP is another fresh cut from the man who stands behind his music, handing you an experience once you hit play.         


     SCAN 7’s BURDENS DOWN EP from Elypsia Records is full of fresh sounds for the soul. BURDENS DOWN (6:06) is a gospel inspired techno hit. Aligning rich vocals with Mr. Hooper’s exceptional moves on keyboard, this track’s gravitating melody breathes life and good vibrations. Perfect for any day of the week, this marvel is not to be missed. It is followed by THANK YOU LORD (6:22), a smooth and keenly crafted track that draws listeners in from the start. This dynamic jam layers sounds from synth to vocals, all while upholding a unique serene feel. Overall, SCAN 7’s BURDENS DOWN EP exhibits yet another dimension of their vast musical capabilities.     


     Rick Wade’s TIMELESS EP is a deep, Detroit inspired house release. Beginning with the smooth and sly feel of SOUND (7:11) followed by the classic groove of TIMELESS (6:30), these mellow tracks are full of feeling and subtle complexities. PLANET DEEP (6:24) is a harder, mystic track followed by the strong base and intriguing mood of THE WAY I AM (5:50). Overall, this release showcases Wade’s unique style  – soulful and most certainly TIMELESS. 



A project by ALan Oldham aka DJ-T1000

aka DJ vintage Future 

     For Alan Oldham, artistic expression is a way of life, taking multiple forms and mediums throughout his lifetime. Before he was ever known as DJ T-1000, he was a published cartoon artist and radio DJ in Detroit writing press releases for Underground Resistance to get by. One day, Underground Resistance was in need of a last minute DJ for their tour in Australia, and a door flew open for Alan Oldham. With passport in hand he departed on his journey as a DJ, which little did he know would eventually span continents. Influenced by everything around him, his work has dynamically changed and evolved along with his life. 

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   Detroit native Mark Flash aims to create music that moves – and it does. From New York to Hong Kong, his “electropic funk” (yes, “electropic”) is the lifeblood of the party, with rich and full sounds that seep straight to the partygoers’ soul. As one of the few DJ’s who masters keyboard and percussion, his excellent musicianship and keen intuition is a sight to see live and an experience to be felt. As a well-respected name in the Detroit techno world and an influential part of Underground Resistance, he is deeply rooted to the city where it all began. From a young age he began spinning at small parties, slowly moving up the ladder through persistence and dedication to his craft. After paying countless dues to get to where he is today, Mark Flash humbly holds true to the music he creates, continuously harnessing the fire and passion that has always driven him.

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Aka DJ Vintage Future 

     As the mastermind behind MN8’s 1995 hit R&B single, “I’ve got a little something for you”, which sold over 4 million copies, Mark Taylor’s journey with music began with an old turntable and a few records from his bedroom in Flint, Michigan. While he is currently known for his work under the monikers DJ Vintage Future and Cronic Tronic, as well as for his activity in Juan Atkin's band Model 500, his path as a DJ and artist has been greatly influenced by his experience in the marines. While traveling the world serving for the United States, he absorbed new cultural experiences and fell in love with the dynamic lifestyle. Continuing to DJ in his spare time abroad, he returned home from his service with a thirst to live a life far from normal and a diligent work ethic to grow as an artist.

     Eventually, he caught the attention of techno pioneer Eddie Fowlkes and gained the opportunity to work with the American dance group RJ's Latest Arrival, which became his first credit on a major label (EMI). Soon, he was introduced to Juan Atkins and since then has developed a strong working relationship with him that has lasted over 20 years. During his long-standing and humble career in Techno, Taylor has worked with an impressive range of labels, including: Metroplex Records, Underground Resistance, R&S Records, KMS Records, Elypsia Records, and Direct Beat (distributed by Submerge). Whether he's on stage in Detroit or Berlin, he considers it his responsibility to understand each unique crowd, and craft a moving experience for them. As an artist, Taylor's passion to create has always been fueled by his curiosity for the way one can feel the intention, purpose, and emotion in a piece, even in the absence of lyrics. It is this understanding, the way music can communicate across any linguistic, cultural, or manmade boundary, that drives him forward. 

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     For Orlando Voorn, making music is more than a way of life, it's a necessity. From the early age of 9 his natural intuitions became apparent when his drum teacher told his parents he could play everything that was shown to him, even though he had no ability to read a score. He began to DJ at the age of 12, and 3 years later won the World Mixing Championships of 1983 at just 15 years old. Steve Clisby, from the popular American band “American Gypsies”, recognized Voorn’s ability and taught him chord structures, which gave him the tools to begin composing tracks using keys and bass. His artistry then took off, making a name for himself with his vibrant dance tracks under the alias "Frequency". Today, he's known as one of the Netherland's most inventive and ingenious producers in the world of electronic dance music. Having produced a wide variety of music under a number of monikers including “Fix”, “Format”, “Urban Nature” and “X-it”, his diverse ability stems from his natural inclination to explore new styles and unleash new sounds. Throughout his profound career he has worked with a vast variety of small and established artists, including the three founders of Detroit techno: Atkins, May, and Saunderson.
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     One of Detroit's best kept secrets, Rick Wade has been producing late night tracks and tapping into the essence of deepness since the '90s. Known for their universal appeal worldwide, soulful, timeless grooves are his signature. Having grown up in Buchanan MI, located one hour outside of Chicago, he was influenced by Chicago radio station WBMX and local stations that played the likes of Al Green and Isaac Hayes.

     While attending the University of Michigan, Wade had the first house mix show on the college station WCBN called 'Journey to the Land of House'. Other presenters were impressed with his material and mixing skills and soon asked him to prepare mixes for their own shows. Around 1991 Rick was working on a mix for Brendan Gillen's 'Crush Collision' show and ran out of tracks. Having always had a love for hip-hop, Wade turned to his studio to create a track that would fit the mix perfectly and hasn't looked back since.

     Today, Rick Wade is one of the premier House mixshow producers, known for his deep, funky vibes. Every Rick Wade set is fresh and spontaneous, drawing energy directly from crowd. Taking them to emotional peaks that connect the mind, body, and spirit, his shows are truly a signature experience.

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     Often referred to as pioneers of techno, SCAN 7 holds deep history in Detroit. They first made their mark in the 80's as a mysterious collective of 7 artists, who performed only with masks on. By covering their faces, they wanted to make a statement about their music centered ideals and commitment to creating a raw and real sound. Ranging from original techno to experimental and gospel jams, their wide repertoire of music exhibits their extensive capabilities. While their sound spans across genres, their greatest inspiration has always been the city of Detroit. Throughout their long history, the culture of the city has always pushed and motivated them to achieve more. In this vein, the “SCAN” in their title signifies that one should verify and look closely, with the number 7 being symbolic for the 7 letters in Detroit as well as the sum of the area code 313.

     Since their early days, the group has evolved. Founding members included Track Masta Lou, Vernell Shelton, and Maurice E. King. Following members included Dj Red Line, Blak Tony, Nuff, Dj Deep, Agent Kedi, Tatem, and Ghost. While the group has included many members since their humble beginnings, it has continued to foster exceptional talent. Today, their youngest member Mr. Hooper’s incredible touch on keyboard brings a unique, fresh sound full of life and soul. Having written his first composition at the age of 6 utilizing 4 fingered chords, Hooper’s skills are deeply crafted and will be a driving force for the future of SCAN 7. Founding member Track Masta Lou looks forward to 2018, as the group has some exciting new releases and will be touring Europe. He aims to reach people from all different backgrounds with their story and hopes to leave them with an uplifting message in their hearts.

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     Founded in 1993, Elypsia Records is an independent label based in Brussels, Belgium. With over 100 releases from our early days, we have returned from hiatus equipped for the digital age. Remaining true to our roots in techno and electronic music, our goal remains the same - to bring you the latest high quality electronic music.                    

     We welcome new and capable talent, and believe the artists we have the pleasure of supporting are our greatest value. We thrive on a philosophy of honesty and hard work, and truly look forward to what the future will hold.  


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