Detroit native Mark Flash aims to create music that moves – and it does.

From New York to Hong Kong, his “electropic funk” (yes, “electropic”) is the lifeblood of the party, with rich and full sounds that seep straight to the partygoers’ soul.

As one of the few DJ’s who masters keyboard and percussion, his excellent musicianship and keen intuition is a sight to see live and an experience to be felt.

As a well-respected name in the Detroit techno world and an influential part of Underground Resistance, he is deeply rooted to the city where it all began.

From a young age he began spinning at small parties, slowly moving up the ladder through persistence and dedication to his craft. After paying countless dues to get to where he is today, Mark Flash humbly holds true to the music he creates, continuously harnessing the fire and passion that has always driven him.