Tevatron is the brainchild of Stéphane Destailleur aka Steve D. Tevatron is a frenchman but his sound makes you wander if he perhaps could have been born and raised in Detroit.

The first track of the EP is Texho (6:54), a fresh and spatial track with a pumping bass and an uplifting clap. Think of The Martian and red planet in a new jacket.

The second track, Hand Spinner (05:09) takes off with a shaking percussion that is later joined by a deep warm bass and a sober piano riff. Minimalistic, groovy and funky are keywords here.

The third track of the EP is called Jupiter-X (6:10) and takes you for a hypnotic ride that creates an intimate atmosphere. This track sounds like and old school classic and has a very mature feel to it. Jupiter-X sounds like the youngsters meet Pepe Bradock. A must have building block for your DJ set.

Automap (6:58) is the last track of the EP and starts off in a mellow way. The sound is unmistakably Detroit inspired and keeps expanding and growing but never loses it’s dreamy atmosphere.

If you are looking to set the mood, this record can’t be missed in your collection.