Orlando Voorn’s musical output goes from strength to strength with each new release showing the Dutch musician flex his producer muscles in new and stronger forms. His trademark sound, a brilliant mixture of Detroit influence and Dutch modernism, is thoughtfully crafted with the dancefloor centrally placed in his musical mind.

Mr. Voorn’s latest venture arrives in the form of the ‘Dirty Rules Crew,’ a collaborative effort for Elypsia Records which is absolutely impossible to resist, and guaranteed to smash the club to pieces.

Kicking off the release comes the Christian Bonori remix of ‘Dirty Rules.’ The Italian producer / DJ wastes no time getting things going with a tough-as-nails kick drum and sharp, moody synth stabs. The energy grows stronger with each passing phrase, with additional percussion, vocal samples and textures placed strategically, pushing the tune towards it’s boiling point.

Orlando Voorn’s version of ‘Dirty Rules’ is a captivating cut centered around a relentless and powerful percussive groove which confidently captures Orlando’s ability to combine true late-night mayhem with well calibrated patience. The vocal samples flow in and out of consciousness whilst loopy synth melodies construct a hypnotic atmosphere brilliantly.

Diving into more submerged territory is the final version of ‘Dirty Rules,’, credited as the ‘Deeptech Mix’ for clear reasons. Saturated textures, repetitive vocal samples and a heavy use of reverb all result in a perfectly murky heads-down dancefloor experience. True afterhours power for those who can handle going below the surface into deeper musical territories.

Dirty Rules, by Orlando Voorn
3 track album